Use surface modeling and deformable modeling

This video shows how the deformable modeling and surface modeling tools can be used to edit imported geometry. The imported camera body is going to be edited with the Direct modeling tools.

First of all remove the redundant hole. Then make a new hole to mount the new camera lens using the Extrude tool. To remove the camera flash, select the faces that need be removed and apply the Delete tool. BricsCAD intelligently removes the set of faces and restores the underlying shape.

Secondly, use the Repair tool to check the model on geometric inconsistency. Switch to the Report tab in Mechanical Browser to see all the issues that have been found. Fix all issues of the model.

Then use the deform Point tool to edit the surface. This tool applies force to the specified base point in a specific direction. The base point, direction and target deformation position can be specified.

Next, use the Extrude tool with the Subtract option. Then reduce the camera body using Move Point. With the Dynamic UCS switched off, Move Point will align deform direction with z axis of the current UCS. To create the mount for the camera flash, use the Extrude tool.

Thirdly, use the Thicken tool to thicken the surface and insert the lens. Then you use the Simplify tool to replace the geometry of the faces and edges under the given entity by analytic surfaces and curves

Finally, align the lens using a concentric constraint.

The new direct modeling toolset makes editing imported geometry simple and fast and gives possibility to achieve incredible results!
Congratulations! You have successfully used the direct modeling toolset.

Hannes L.

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