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What is Bricsys?

If you want to know what each part of the Bricsys product family does, then tune in here. These lighthearted videos talk you through the basics.


Browse through our wide range of BricsCAD videos learn how to use basic commands and get to grips with the more advanced techniques. Topics covered are as wide-ranging as The Secrets of the Shift Key through to How to Use Constraints.


Watch to discover advanced tips and tricks to take your BricsCAD 3D modeling to the next level. These videos demonstrate things like how to build a skyscraper in under 30 minutes and how to automatically create callouts for an entire assembly.

Behind the Scenes

Want to know who created Parametrize or what’s happening in the BricsCAD offices? Then you can meet the BricsCAD creators here.

Switching to BricsCAD

If you’re an AutoCAD® user then viewing is a must. These videos guide you through some of the pitfalls AutoCAD® users might face during the switch. If you’re looking for more information then why not download our free guidebook?

Bricsys Unplugged

Tips, tricks, and stories from BricsCAD’s own. New episodes posted weekly! Everything from What’s New in V19 to How to Code LISP for All Platforms Using BLADE.

Plus loads more.

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