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Welcome BricsCAD® Beginners

I’m a BricsCAD beginner where do I start?

If like me, you’re new to the Brics Pack, then you might be wondering where to start. For a BricsCAD beginner it’s clear that BricsCAD is packed full of functionality, customization and user options. However, that can also be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, regardless of your CAD level, I’ve got you covered.

AutoCAD® users, wondering if you have to start from scratch?

So, you’ve spent years learning AutoCAD and hesitate at the thought of starting again from nothing? Check out Heidi’s journey through BricsCAD. She documents her transition from AutoCAD to BricsCAD in a series of engaging and entertaining blog posts. You can also download the free, 350-page guidebook.

What’s this Quad thing? How do I turn it off?

Whoa! Hang on there buddy! Don’t turn it off straight away. The Quad is an extremely powerful and intuitive feature, that is unique to BricsCAD. It takes users away from the slavery of the command bar, speeds up drafting, and has a personality of its own. Honestly, give him a chance.

Used other CAD packages, but are baffled by this interface?

So you can model a house in Sketchup, design characters in Blender and disassemble a V12 engine in Catia, but you’re a little bit confused by the BricsCAD interface? Get started quickly drawing cubes, wall, and basics, by heading over to our YouTube page. The videos are short, sharp and straight to the point.

Or why not check out our blog posts on the interface? These will help you navigate through the many, many features of BricsCAD. Perfect for BricsCAD beginners.

You can also download a free, 400-page guidebook.

2D vector expert, but new to CAD?

If you’re used to Illustrator, IsoDraw, and Inkscape, then you’ll probably be wondering what on earth is happening in the command line at the bottom of the page, where your snaps have gone and why your grip points aren’t working in the way you’d expect them to. If that sounds like you, head over to our 2D tutorials pages. It’s completely free and a great starting point for BricsCAD beginners, that aren’t so familiar with 3D packages. I worked through them all in about a day!

Once you’ve worked your way through these, check out our tutorial blogs here to push your drafting to the next level.

Not a BricsCAD beginner but want to know how to customize your workspace?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our blog posts on customization, from basics to in-depth programming.

I also recommend this blog post on shortcuts, which will save you valuable time and energy. I printed out the image and left it by my laptop.

Or why not download the 600-page, complete BricsCAD customization guide?

Developers looking to work with Bricsys for the first time?

You’re in luck. Bricsys loves developers. You can find all you need here.

Still want more help and support?

Read the complete User Guide here.

The Help Center is never more than a click away.

And don’t forget, the forum is open for business. The BricsCAD community is alive and happy to help.

Rose Barfield

Rose is Bricsys' English Content Creator. She has worked in the Automotive, Aerospace and Defense industries as a Technical Illustrator, before coming to BricsCAD. She loves cars, vectors and 3D printing.

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