Welcome back to day 2 of the Bricsys 2019 Conference in Stockholm. If you thought there was nothing left to give after yesterday, you’d be wrong. Today’s focus was on our mission statement for 2020 and our goals for customer success: We’re actively engaging with customers to bring you the next generation of our products.

Did you make it to Bricsys 2019?

Open format

The day kicked off with Neil Petersonpresident of the ODA (Open Design Alliance). He highlighted the recent developments of the ODA and how Bricsys will be using these in the future.

Start from your design intent

The Mechanical team from Russia, headed by Dimitry Usakov and Christain Lecomte brought back the Flowing Station from yesterday and gave an outstanding demo on the design of one of the escalators.

Automated disassembly on 3 axes, blink and you’ll miss it!

The main new features for BricsCAD Mechanical V20 this year are:

  • New BOM panel
  • Automatic multi-axis disassemble/exploded views with trailing lines
  • New standard components: pipe flanges and threaded holes
  • Standard thread representation in drawing views
  • Fast generation of draft quality drawing views
  • New parametric possibilities: geometry-driven constraints, path constraint, suppress feature
  • Hem features to model hemming metalworking process
  • Tab-and-slot feature to connect sheet metal flanges
  • Multi-parametric 3d animation

During an animation rendered in BricsCAD, the fully parametric escalator, automatically added extra panels, steps and even a support framework at given points of extension.

Even more impressively perhaps was the complex sheet metal part the team created live. They did this by first designing the shape of the part using BricsCAD’s direct modeling tools and then, with no more than a few clicks, converting this into an unfoldable sheet metal part. In V20 BricsCAD is capable of calculating a lofted bend along a spline!

There was more excitement when the team demonstrated automatic, 3-Axis disassembly, with trailing lines and then…animated it. Just when you thought automated technical drawing couldn’t get any better!

Why everybody 💙 BricsCAD

After the break, our very own Don Stimbu and Robert Green spoke to some of the customers that have made the move from other CAD platforms to BricsCAD.

Deployment of BricsCAD was 49% faster than our experince with “AnotherCAD”

New integrations

Tiemen was back with the flowing station to show us how our new partnerships combine to make BricsCAD BIM the most powerful BIM product on the planet and bring new, unparalleled possibilities.

New integrations for BricsCAD BIM V20:

  • Grasshopper bridges the gap between algorithmic and building information modeling, within real-time and bi-direction workflows.
  • Enscape provides quality real-time rendering integrated into the design workflow by leveraging existing data from the BricsCAD BIM model.
  • AX3000 is the professional HVAC-solution and 3D-BIM solution for Energy Certificates and Simulation.

parametric controls v20 conference stockholm 2019


After lunch the parallel training sessions began.  Robert Green lead a panel discussion that took the fear out of making the switch to BricsCAD. He demonstrated ingenious strategies for headache-free migration. If you didn’t get a chance to see him in person, you can read his articles here on the blog.

I’d love to hear from you. I mean it, email me at robert.green@bricsys.com

Heidi and Hans were also on hand to gave a more in-depth demonstration of the new BricsCAD core features to aid your BricsCAD migration.


Meanwhile, the BIM and Design Futures Roundtable highlighted the diversity of the BricsCAD BIM platform as users from around the globe sat together to discuss the future of BIM.

BIM round-table panel.


After this, there was an in-depth demonstration of the new and fully-integrated 24/7. This demonstrated Bricsys’ dedication to the future of CAD: in the cloud.

The new, Bricsys 24/7 On-The-Go, application to allows you to communicate and access files, wherever you are even from a mobile phone.

Start in 3D

Upstairs the BIM team proved that working in 2D is a thing of the past with BricsCAD BIM. They urged you to change your mindset and “start in 3D”. During the BIM demo, Jacob created a tiny house with complete BIM data, all in under 30 minutes!

BIM IFC demo, conference bricsys 2019 stockholm
Fully BIM-ready tiny house created in less than half an hour, live using BricsCAD BIM.

The final BIM workflow gave an in-depth look at some of the new features for BricsCAD BIM V20.

Meanwhile, the Mechanical team showed us that Propagate is not just for buildings with Array Recognition. They gave us all a glimpse into the full capabilities of animation, demonstrated some incredible parametric capabilities which included a fully constrained cutting robot, that was animated to follow a 3D, curved surface using the new path constraint.

The future of CAD

Erik De Keyser, Bricsys CEO, closed the show with a promise that Bricsys will listen to its customers in 2020.

Well, that was exciting don’t you think? I’ve got just about enough time to get back to the hotel room and get myself a cup of tea before the Legendary Bricsys After Party. See you there!