I’m joining you from behind the scenes on the first day of the Bricsys 2018 conference. Join me as I give you the lowdown on what’s happening at Bricsys 2018. The team at The Brewery have been working late into the night setting the lights, making the final sound checks and setting the last teacup in place.

Our developers have an array of testing stations boasting apps dedicated to everything. From solar panels, to road building, to fluid professionals, there’s something for everyone to get excited about. If you think that BricsCAD is limited to its base, downloadable format, think again. BricsCAD is a highly adaptable and customizable platform on which, a huge range of applications have already been built. Don’t be afraid, go down and introduce yourself. You’ll quickly realize the possibilities of what can be achieved with BricsCAD are endless.

What’s happened so far?

This morning got off to a great start, with a private breakfast for our developers and sales partners. Our development partners have just finished assembling their booths and there is a que out the gate of excited people, ready for the first presentation. We followed this with a business review for our dedicated sales partners. During the session, our CEO Eric De Keyser took the reins and introduced everyone to the new developments in Bricsys and the evolution of Bricsys over the next 12 months. Believe us when we say that there are a lot of exciting and surprising changes to come! Don’t worry, we are still committed to prioritizing our customers’ needs and requirements. Read our full press release here.

After this followed a development update session. We showed our developers how they can get the most out of BricsCAD and thus how to improve BricsCAD user experience. I’m amazed at the level of enthusiasm and dedication shown by our developers. The application booths are open throughout the show. The guys and girls will be happy to answer any of your questions, if you are interested in finding out more. In addition to this, we also have a session dedicated to The Future of LISP at 10:00 tomorrow in the Queen Charlotte.

What’s Happening later today?

We have a great lineup of events today. Click here to find the full schedule. Check out the live wall here to keep abreast of what’s happening at Bricsys 2018. Join the conversation with #Bricsys2018. Or, come back here on the blog for the next round up of Bricsys 2018 and the BricsCAD V19 release.

So now, with The Bricsys and The Brewery team now have a few moments to rest and recharge before the main doors open to the public and The Bricsys 2018 conference can begin! Are you ready?

What happened next? Keep reading.