What’s happening at Bricsys 2018, London day 2? LISP, converting from AutoCAD and what’s new in V19, and it’s not even lunchtime yet!

What’s happening with BLADE?

Did you know LISP is 60 years old? Most people gave me a glazed expression when I mentioned the BLADE talk. Obviously, that meant I headed straight over. Steve Johnson managed to make an otherwise dry topic engaging and interesting. Not least by waving around a saber! If you are a keen LISP coder, then BLADE is something you absolutely need to check out. Its functionality means you can create and test a wide range of code without opening BricsCAD.

BLADE: it’s faster and smarter than our competitor. – Steve Johnson

You can even use it for your AutoCAD development work! Parentheses highlights, code hiding, bookmarks and a huge library of sample code, it’s got it all.

Meanwhile, in the main room, guests were guided through the ease at which AutoCAD users can convert to BricsCAD. If you’re coming from AutoCAD why not check out Heidi’s Blog, where she guides you step by step?

bricsys 2018 london conference photos

What’s happening in V19?

The big news for many this morning, was the new Blockify feature. I spoke to one man today who was convinced that this, combined with our new PDF import feature, could improve his productivity by “ten times”. Blockifiy gives users the ability to automatically identify repetitive elements in 2D or 3D drawings and converts them into blocks to make drawings cleaner and more manageable.

Smarter and more dynamic dimensions, the manipulator and nudge tools were also a key feature of the morning talks. These elements help users to quickly change the length and position of objects, speeding up workflow. The measurement tool now adapts in logical increments, related to zoom level. No longer a need to eyeball measurements!

The new approach to curve manipulation is also a real game changer. This tool allows designers to quickly alter the angle and shape of a curve without exploding the shape! It works much in the same way as many 2D specialized vector softwares such as, isoDraw and Adobe Illustrator. You’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

Also worth a mention was the automatic parametrization function. This tool automatically parametrizes objects and allows designers to alter objects dimensions quickly and efficiently.

In addition, a whole host of small, but carefully considered improvements, have been brought in for V19: dynamic distance dragging, transportable user interfaces and easy edit revision clouds, just to name a few!

Now I’ve got a few minutes to grab a cup of tea, before the afternoon begins. See you soon.


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