What’s happening this afternoon? Stood in front of an impressively sized screen, our very own “Bric Allen” (Rick Allen) brought to life his BricsCAD story with colorful and entertaining swagger. This man’s enthusiasm for BricsCAD is catching. He’s not just the man in charge, he’s a customer. He knows firsthand, what it’s like to depend on a CAD software for his business.

What happened next? BIM Mania!

The conference went BIM crazy:

There is nobody that can compete with us when it comes to assemblies of materials – Eric De Keyser CEO

Eric De Keyser spoke about how a lot of the current CAD software suffer from problems with new users and converting models to a BIM format. BricsCAD is different to its competitors because it uses .dwg. Both BricsCAD and BricsCAD BIM software use .dwg format, this means that there is no need to learn a new program to “BIMify” an existing CAD model. Nor is it a requirement for users to learn a new software or throw away existing models. By doing this BricsCAD has managed to simplify the user interface and make it easier and faster for users to learn and model with CAD software. BricsCAD is sure to move beyond what other CAD software providers offer.

Afterward, back to the main room for The Future of BIM: A light-hearted, but inspiring roundup of BricsCAD’s improved BIM technology. This turned out to be the highlight of the day for many, as almost every attendee found their way into the main room. The BIM developments coming for V19 mean that it is now possible to create all your designs in 3D. This is something that would have been unthinkable 3 years ago. BricsCAD BIM offers a faster, more efficient and easier way for architects to check tolerances than ever before.

Take your ideas, farther, further and faster – Kevin Settlemyre

The audience were captivated during a 1-hour live demo, as a CAD model building was created before their eyes of the audience, in real time, complete with fully workable 2D layouts. The team made adept use of the demo using the new Quick Draw function and demonstrated, in real time, how this can speed up and streamline the prototyping of buildings. It also became clear how dynamic dimensions help to quickly bring your model to life.

During the break I had the chance to try my hand at Virtual Reality and instantly got vertigo! VR is something I have never experienced before and I was incredibly impressed with the spatial awareness that could be achieved. If this technology is combined with what I have seen in the previous presentation, the possibilities for architects to quickly design and test their buildings is absolutely astounding.

What else is happening at Bricsys?

After BIM mania it was time for The Future of the CED. Bricsys doesn’t just offer CAD solutions, file management is now also available. This allows clients to have a customized workflow and is complementary to BricsCAD. Files can be loaded into and out of BricsCAD with ease. Both 2D and 3D file can also be previewed online. For companies that need to manage workflow and access to documents, drawings, data, and manageable data sets.  Bricsys 24/7 gives a highly adaptable solution.

Not to be forgotten: the first ever User Group Meeting. Steve Johnson took the lead. Should there be a BricsCAD user group? Well, we certainly think so. The future looks bright for an online community.

As a roundup, we had a Q & A session. Of course the questions were focused around the big news of the day. However, Rick Allen, paired with Eric De Keyser, make a formidable duo with a sure understanding how Bricsys is going to move forward with it’s “unstoppable formula” – Rick Allen.

They finished up with a teaser for what’s happening in tomorrow’s closing session. AI in CAD?! When you see what we’re doing next, it’s going to blow you away.

What happened next? Keep reading.