BricsCAD V17 is now available and supports 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Sheet Metal Design, and Building Information Modeling.

Compare two drawing files with 3D compare

Need to compare your model with a client’s or a vendor’s? The 3D compare function lets you open two drawing files, and uses intuitive color coding to instantly report on the differences between their 3D solids and surfaces.

3D compare BricsCAD

Create movies by rendering views from a point or along a path using “AniPath”

These movies can be uses to show collaborators and clients your designs. In creating the movie, you have options like specifying the frame rate and resolution, the overall duration, a visual style, and the movie file format.

Supports materials with physical properties

BricsCAD now supports materials with physical properties. This means that when you analyze 3D models, the correct mass is returned. You can use the materials provided with BricsCAD, define your own or use materials from imported documents.

Dimension style families

V17’s new dimension style families let you easily create derivative styles from a single parent dimension style. The new compare dimension styles feature in the Dimension Styles Explorer makes short work of organizing your dimension style catalog.

V17 introduces dockable panels and dockable layer explorer

Whereas before the Layer explorer had to be dismissed, now layer names and their settings are always available to you while drawing and editing through the Layer panel.
The Content Browser dockable panel displays DWG and DXF content in a tree-like view from folders that you specify.


dockable panels and dockable layer explorer BricsCAD V17


Create tube-like objects with just couple of clicks using “Thicken”

Use the thicken tool not only on surfaces, but also on wire objects such as lines, circles and curves to create tube-like objects with just couple of clicks.

Create engineering objects like drills or augers by twisting 3D solids, surfaces, and regions around an axis by an angle that you specify.

Improved Getting Started dialog

When you start BricsCAD V17, the redesigned Getting Started dialog lets you easily select from user profiles and work spaces, open existing drawings, start drawings, and access educational resources, like video tutorials.

See the release notes for more detailed information about BricsCAD V17