Something strange is happening at Bricsys today. The lights on the 1st floor are a noticeably different hue, there is a camera crew setting up and the whole place is chanting “Ted Rossdale“. This doesn’t feel like a standard day at work, but it is for Ted!

Who is Ted Rossdale? Well, if you believe the signage he’s the employee of the month, “The Man” and a top presidential candidate. But who is he? Read the behind the scenes interview.

Silence on set!
Special light bulbs have been fitted on the first floor. They are optimized for color temperature when filming.
Get ready to run
Who is Ted Rossdale
I’m not sure who Ted Rossdale is, but he seems to have won Employee of the month every month!
who is ted rossdale?
I wonder what’s so great here?
First look at Ted Rossdale. Our hero gets his hair and make-up done.
who is ted rossdale
The crew seem happy with what’s on screen.
who is Ted Rossdale
This camera weighs 25kg (55 pounds). Fancy carrying that around all day?
A punch or a fist bump?
Who is Ted Rossdale
I wonder what’s happening inside the box?
The cheeky devil seems to have landed himself a kiss.
Everything looks good from here
And now the fun is over, it’s time to clean up.

But who is Ted Rossdale?

You can watch the story Ted’s CAD story now.