BricsCAD is pleased to announce the release of BricsCAD V19.2. This release is based on all the feedback that we received from you. That’s right, when you send us an email or a support request, we listen. In many cases the issue is passed directly to the developer that created the feature in the first place! How many companies can say that?

Our developers have been working hard to resolve any issues that you raised to ensure that BricsCAD does everything you need it to and more. If you don’t believe me check the release notes and you’ll see that the support request number is tagged against the improvement. BricsCAD really listens to what you tell us.

So what’s improved in V19.2?


Just when you thought BLOCKIFY couldn’t get any better, it did! You can now blockify input sets containing both 2D entities and 3D solids. BLOCKIFY now supports text, multiline text, solids, traces, hatches, leaders, multileaders and existing block references in the initial selection set.

The Select Face option of SECTIONPLANE now accepts faces of 3D solids within a block.

Imports and Exports

The customization options for the export of the .fbx format are now available in the Settings dialog. Cases where the texture files were not found (and consequently, not copied) during FBXEXPORT have been resolved.

Making the move to BricsCAD is even easier. You can now import SketchUp 2019 (.skp) files.


Point Clouds in BricsCAD

Lots of improvements for BricsCAD’s point cloud workflow!

When selecting a point cloud, its properties are now displayed and controlled in the properties panel. Read more about Point clouds here.

New commands added:

  • POINTCLOUDBOUNDARY Controls how the point cloud’s bounding box is displayed. It can be set to hide, show or show boundary when selected.
  • POINTCLOUDPOINTMAX Controls the maximum number of points displayed on screen.
  • POINTCLOUDPOINTSIZE Change the default point size displayed (units in pixels).
  • POINTCLOUD2DVSDISPLAY Choose whether a bounding box and warning message are displayed when trying to view a point cloud in 2D Wireframe view mode.
  • POINTCLOUDCROP Crop point clouds using a polygon, circle or rectangle as a boundary. You can choose to crop inside or outside the specified boundary. You can apply multiple cropping areas.
  • POINTCLOUDUNCROP Remove all cropping from the selected point cloud entity.

But wait, there’s more

Improvements have been made to; GRIPEDIT, the Manipulator, Security, SSLOCATE, 2D Constraints, Parametric Animation, Zoom performance, Big TIFF, TCONNECT, and LCONNECT.

The Manipulator now supports manipulation of polyline segments belonging to one or more polylines. In other words, you now can rotate, move, copy, scale and mirror polyline segments.

There’s also a new look for MULTISLICE, and performance is improved.

What are you waiting for?

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