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Virtual Reality Cities

This week we dive into the world of giant photos that give you the chance to immerse yourself within a virtual reality city, without leaving your seat. Then, zoom in to see details such as flowers and license plates 1000s of meters away. It really...

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The guy who created Blockify

Who is Wouter Nys? He’s not only one of the guys who created Quickdraw. He’s also the guy who created Blockify. No rest for the wicked eh? He came back to the sofa to tell me all about Blockify and why it’s more than just a cool name. What is...

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“BricsCAD® Unplugged”

Heidi Hewett, Matt Olding, Don Strimbu, Robert Green & many more

The Bricsys Team

Making CAD Fun Again
Join Team Bricsys and friends for our free weekly live broadcasts – “BricsCAD® Unplugged”. You’ll get the latest CAD news, meet special guests and learn more about the future of DWG from the makers of BricsCAD®. #MCFA

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Virtual Reality Design in CAD

Start in 3D stay in 3D, that’s the BricsCAD moto and building CAD in virtual reality (VR) is surely the ultimate goal of any CAD software. The almighty Google is pioneering technologies to get there and we at Bricsys can’t help but get excited about...


The guys who created Propagate

Allow me to introduce you to Jürgen De Zaeytijd and Sam Degheldere, not only are they lovely chaps but they are also the guys who created Propagate for BricsCAD. When you find out that Jürgen, came to Bricsys with the hope of combining algorithm...