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The Future of BIM at Bricsys 2018!

The Bricsys 2018 conference in London next month has a lot to offer. One of the sessions that I’m most excited about, given my roots in architecture and engineering, is the Future of BIM.  We’ll show how you can take your designs from concept...

Heidi's Journey

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“BricsCAD® Unplugged”

Heidi Hewett & Matt Olding

User Success and Education Manager

Making CAD Fun Again
Join Team Bricsys and friends for our free weekly live broadcasts – “BricsCAD® Unplugged”. You’ll get the latest CAD news, meet special guests and learn more about the future of DWG from the makers of BricsCAD®. #MCFA

When: Every Wednesday.
Where: Bricsys Facebook and YouTube channels.
Goal: Make you a BricsCAD user for life!

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BIM Data Exchange via IFC

“Can we talk?” Every computer program needs a place to store the data you create with it. The native file format of any program is optimized for program speed and read/write performance. When a user of a program wants to share their data...

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BricsCAD’s Powerful 3D BIM Workflow

In our previous post, we compared a conventional 3D BIM workflow to the historical 2D drafting-centric method of architectural design. In this edition, we’ll explain how and why the Bricsys approach to Building Information Modeling is unique...